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Agricultural and harvest calendar in San Juan, Argentina

Grape-growing activities

  • Soil management: to keep or improve land fertility and its biological activity, restoring organic material.
  • Weed control: minimum tillage, land treated with digging hoe.
  • Use of soil cover: planting of winter grass (like cebadilla and rye) to improve soil structure and infiltration.
  • Soil fertility management: monitoring of the plant´s nutrition, organic fertilization.
  • Canopy management: to improve aeration, solar exposure and development of bunches.
  • Shoot thinning: improves plant growing, defines the position of shoots. This activity is complete after pruning. It keeps the scheduled production and optimizes the plant’s health, giving a better aeration to the bunches.
  • Defoliation: the adequate exposure of the bunches benefits color development in red grapes and their aeriation. Parasitic leaves are eliminated.
  • Plant protection treatment: to take care of the vineyard’s health.