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Jugos y Vinos Andinos S.A.U.

A subsidiary of Kataoka & Co., Ltd.

Concentrated grape juice from Argentina.

Our company History and experience

Our Mission

What is our purpose:

To meet our clients’ needs by supplying them with high-quality concentrated grape juice.

Working as usual with care, consistency, and responsibility.

Our Vision

What we want to be:

To be a leading company in the concentrated grape juice industry, which is sustainable and reliable with strong commitment to society and the environment.

We always want to add new value by developing our processes and products in the context of our clients’ new needs.

Our principles

  • To perform with transparency and honesty;
  • To work with modesty and commitment to our job;
  • To commit to the word given;
  • To respect to people’s dignity;
  • To give fair treatment to employees and suppliers;
  • To respect and comply with the law, standards and regulations of the industry in Argentina and the markets where our products are sold;
  • To give priority to health and safety at work;
  • To work in clean and tidy settings;
  • To boost and encourage all and any improvement related to efficiency and competitiveness;
  • To maximize added value.

Our commitment:

To our suppliers:

To provide all the time with agronomic advice and to work together with our manufacturers to timely receive and process the grapes with the highest possible quality.

To society:

To give our closest community the possibility to take part in the economic and personal development of that our business causes in the region where we operate every day.

To future generations:

To develop a sustainable and environment-friendly activity, focusing our efforts on the sensible use of resources and the proper final disposal and recycling of waste in the process.

Our initiatives

  • To continue with our active cooperation with all of our clients;
  • To build and develop long-term relationships with our suppliers and clients;
  • Become a benchmark for quality, price, service and consistency with our clients.
  • To explore and develop new technical and production concepts;
  • To look for competitive improvements and advantage, using new technologies in our business.